Long story short — I've been incredibly fortunate in the types of work I've been permitted to do, and the people I've been permitted to do it with. Who wouldn't want to help design the space station, fly supersonic jets, lead hypertalented web designers during the San Francisco heyday, or help improve processes (not to mention save lives) in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries? There may be a few of you out there for whom that seems ho-hum — the Navy SEAL neurosurgeon for instance — but me, I'm counting my blessings.

I've learned a few things along the way. My experience ranges from project management to operations and general management. I've held P&L responsibility to $20M and controlled program budgets to $800M. I've led executive teams, reported to investors/boards, and been accountable for 800 staff. These days, I like to help teams zero in on those few, key wins that provide a strong, future-proof foundation for the business.

I currently work for Schneider Electric, a global electronics provider, managing North American product safety reviews. I wrote Schneider's first corporate Product Safety Primer, and a two-day safety seminar for our European technical writers (which I then facilitated in Paris, proving life sometimes is fair).

Before that, I was Director of Operations for Performance Impact, a provider of blended learning solutions to Fortune 100 pharmaceuticals. In the more distant past, I served as COO of a technology start-up, SVP of Operations for a consulting firm, and as an operations leader/pilot in the USAF. I began my career working for NASA/JPL on the space station program. For more details, see my résumés and career narrative.


Between work and parenting, the time to pursue outside interests is limited. When I do find time, I like to focus on physical and creative activities, preferably outdoors... running, hiking, weightlifting, drawing, writing, etc.

Before entering the business world, I attended Princeton University, graduating with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. I was raised in Denver, Colorado, and tend to view the Appalachians as really pretty foothills.


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